Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Polyfocus laser media work in ALL laser printers ?
After coating poly film for laser use of several years we find that our lasted product the Polyfocus Laser adhesive id our best product so far when it comes to laser printer compatibility.  We have run this media in all our test laser printers without ANY problems even in the higher heat fuser of the  Richo 2550. Please follow the instructions and remember NOT to start setting you printer  driver to Glossy film.
Is there a the difference between your ultra cling and static cling materials?

Yes static cling materials rely purely on static to adhere or cling to the surfaces they are applied to. However the ultra-cling media features a very low tack, easily removable, reusable adhesive. For applications where the cling will be removed multiple times or windows/doors with an exterior face we recommend using the ultra cling.
Why do I need white window masking spray if I'm making clear window clings?

Since inkjet ink and laser toner are transparent printing transparent ink on a transparent sheet placed on a transparent window can give a very washed out or faded look. The white window masking spray provides your cling with a white background to provide contrast. This makes your window clings vibrant and visible from a greater distance. White window masking spray is a must if the car window the cling will be applied to is tinted. We offer a video showing this process step by step at: video_instructions.html
Why do I need to print in mirror image when making clear window clings?

Since the printable side of the cling is the side which will be facing the inside of the window you must print in mirror image so that any text in your design will be facing the correct way. Most graphics manipulation programs allow for easy mirroring, also more and more printer device drivers offer the option at the time of printing as well. This can be particularly useful if the design will be used to print more than just window clings
Where can I order your products.
All of our film and other products for desktop publishing can be ordered at our eCommerce website at