Sign Making Vinyl

Sign making vinyl.
A flexible 3.0-mil polymeric gloss vinyl film coated with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for computerized graphic sign cutting machines, (cutter plotter).
Application This product is recommended for outdoor and indoor uses where a high quality
marking film requiring flexibility, durability and resistance to sunlight is required.
These films can be used for architectural signage, commercial-retail signage,
point-of-purchase graphics and decals.
Product Variations This material can be printed with high quality screen printing inks formulated for
flexible vinyl. May also be printed by thermal imaging. Consult your ink or
ribbon supplier before printing and test all ink prior to production.

Sign making vinyl.

Thickness Film – 3.0 mils.
Adhesive - 0.8 to 1.2 mils.
Liner – 4.5 mils.
(Thickness variation +/- 10%)
Temperature Ranges Minimum application temperature +40° F.
Service temperature is -40° F to +200° F.
Expected Life Up to 5 years. Performance can vary depending on UV exposure.
Adhesion Minimum 40 oz/in.
PSTC method #1 to stainless steel test panels.
Dwell is 24 hours at room temperature.
Solvent Resistance Good to most petroleum oils, greases, and aliphatic solvents such as heptane,
kerosene and jet fuel.
Water Resistance Excellent.
Humidity Resistance Excellent.
Storage Stability One year shelf life stored at 70° F and 50% relative humidity

We also offer sigh making vinyl in sheets.


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