UV Matte Over-laminate

Polyfocus Self Adhesive Matte Film Laminate made in the USA since 1995. This self-adhesive laminate has a built in UV inhibitor and is specially made for digital printed images. The adhesive if formulates in such a way that it will not react with  inkjet ink or laser toner. Don't trust you digital images to regular film laminate that may have adhesive that is chemically aggressive and may interfere with the printer ink over time.   


Polyfocus, UV protective laminate film made in the USA.


Matte UV over laminate.

  • The self adhesive production label media for color laser printers is available in glossy white and clear and both come with permanent adhesive or removable adhesive.  Please go to our eCommerce website for more info and or to order this great new product.
  • HPS LLC offers large selection of digital media on the eCommerce website www.texascraft.com. Most of the media we sell is coated and converted by HPS LLC right here in USA. Most of the decal film and decal paper we offer is made in the USA.